Sunday, 1 June 2014

My busy weekend.

When my eldest daughter was a little girl her favourite book was called 'My busy weekend'. It told a simple story of a little girl helping her parents with the shopping, stretching up to the fridge to help put it away,  hanging out the washing,  walking the dog , and helping her daddy in the garden. Ah- the simple life!  It all sounds a bit 1950s now I come to think of it but it must have been the late 80s/early 90s. As we go through these routines every weekend I often think of it! I just don't know where we get all our washing from-anyone would think we ran a B & B!
Anyway. today I did manage some time to work on a few bits and pieces. I love 'altered art' and rubber stamping and like using this media to make vintage tags for scrapbooking, cardmaking and gifts.

These are 'botanical flowers' - a lovely lady has just ordered 50 for a hotel wedding in Scotland-so lovely to think that they are going to be used in this way! 

I call these ones 'Mannequin' or my 'corset ladies'!

I can spend many a happy hour playing with my vintage look stamps. I just love anything with an Eiffel Tower or French wording...
Ooh la la! I stamped different designs onto kraft card to make vintage-style luggage labels.

Then I made some more of these cute 'spools' to present my vintage haberdashery on. 
So many crafts-so little time! 

I have had to spend a little time today in preparing for tomorrow as I have work...only a few hours though as it is just  part-time and I always look forward to seeing my lovely trainees again!

Have you had a 'busy weekend'?  Hope you made time for crafting!
Alison xx