Saturday, 21 June 2014

Enchanted Durgan

A 'dream' of a day this week.  I often spend quite a bit of time in the Falmouth area, due to my work and also sometimes dropping off/picking up daughter from the university.  Over such long days I dreamt that as soon as work (which I fit into these days) eased off  I could make the most of the 'in between' time to explore the area more. Finally it happened - me free and daughter needing to be in uni...glorious weather so time to head off with the dogs and explore!  

Mawnan Smith lies just south of Falmouth at the head of the Helford River (remember Frenchman's Creek? ) When exploring some months ago  I discovered an idyllic walk next to  Glendurgan Garden. ( National Trust - if you love gardens it's a must). Just before the gardens you head left-park in the National Trust car park down the lane on the right. A path leads you through glorious woods down towards the Helford. The woods were shady and cool on such a sweltering day! The path beckons you onwards and you glimpse the Helford through the trees.
A little further downhill and you're treated to a stunning vista with little boats bobbing around on sparkling waters. 
A little beach appears..

Almost there.... This is the idyllic little village of Durgan. 
The sun was beating down from a cloudless sky! 
The village is only accessible by car to residents-the only way out the other side is via the coastal path. I had a little wander around the village...

 Pretty cottages and locally handmade cards on a vintage chair.

 Mmm...Roskilly's ice cream! Did you see Cornwall with Caroline Quentin? She did a feature on this family-run business in Series 2.
Scarlet geraniums at a cottage door.
A little boat tucked away behind the sea wall.
 Getting very hot-time to sit on the little beach and peruse  my new craft magazine!
 Ooh what lovely makes-love these shabby hanger covers-must make one for my older daughter's wedding dress! (had forgotten about the wedding for the's the end of October-plenty of time!)
 Well if I can't have any Roskilly's maybe I'll get younger daughter to make some of these delicious looking beauties!
A little hot on the beach so I retreated back to the woods and settled in a lovely spot. Ah-Frenchman's Creek! Easy to see why Daphne du Maurier was so inspired by Cornwall's rugged beauty.
 Such a beautiful, relaxing location-gazing out onto the water you could almost imagine nothing had changed for enchanted place.
Eventually it was time for the climb back the heat!  Plenty of water rest stops were the order of the day as I reluctantly headed back. If you are ever in the area-do visit enchanted Durgan!

What an uplifting day-enjoying the beauty of Cornwall in the sunshine. When you live and work here it is easy sometimes to overlook the beauty of the area, rushing from place to place never stopping to 'smell the roses'. In the rush of life and work do you sometimes overlook the beauty of the area in which you live? Have a happy, sunny and relaxing weekend! xx