Abacus bracelet tutorial

Directions: directions given are based on the wrist of an average 9-11 year old. For larger/smaller sizes increase/decrease measurements. For example for myself I increased the 5cm/10cm measurements by  1-2cm.

You need: 
Approximately 1 metre flat suede cord
9 pony beads

1. Cut approximately 1 metre of flat suede cord and choose 9 pony beads, blending or contrasting colours in groups of 3.
2. Starting at the left side, measure approximately 20cm. 
3. Make a simple knot in cord.

4. Threading from the right side, add on first three beads. Leave a space then knot again. (space should measure about 5cm between knots.

5. Measure a further 10cm -make another knot . There are no beads in this section.

6. Repeat step 4, threading on the three beads you would like to appear in the middle of the design. 

7. Repeat Step 5.
8. Thread on final three beads, knot again after 5cm. 

9. You will have a longer piece left at right side-trim to 20cm.

Design is now finished! Wrap bracelet around wrist three times,  leaving 20cm lengths underneath. Knot or tie a in a bow beneath wrist (a crafty friend is useful here). The three sets of beads should lie on top of wrist with knots at sides. Beads will slide, as on an abacus.  

 Simple pattern to remembering measurements between knots:

20cm (ends), 5cm (beads), 10cm (gaps)

Whole bracelet from left-right: 20cm-5cm-10cm-5cm-10cm-5cm-20cm

 Great for summer holidays or for adding to your rainy day crafty project bank!  

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