Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine crochet

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been doing some lovely crochet making for the family this month. First I started making some little crochet hearts-such a simple thing but wow-what an abundance of patterns you can find for these, like most crochet motifs there are many ways of making them. 

So I decided to take on board several ideas/patterns, tried them out and finally came up with one that worked for exactly what I wanted. Using Paton's gorgeous 4 ply crochet cotton which is so lovely to work with. I used a 2.75 mm hook and the heart comes out at approximately 5cm-delicate and slightly lacy but with a firm fabric: 

Then I couldn't resist making more in different colours as they were so cute!

I used ten to make some mini-bunting:

I tried it out in the craft room:
Then realised I need to tidy up my pin boards!

We have had such a mix of weather over the last couple of weeks in Cornwall. There was what I can only describe as a 'trifling' of snow-literally for us a few flakes although the North coast did get a bit more. Then a few days of literally the 'summer in February' which inspired the film title-(by the way if you haven't seen this- do- especially if you miss Matthew Crawley from Downton!!) 

See the trailer here:

I can definitely verify that the beach scene where the weather is described as 'Summer in February' is true-last week I was absolutely roasting down there, shedding layer after layer. Then this week my head almost froze as the waves lashed in throwing up all manner of flotsam and jetsam! Running for cover is not an option when you've strode out (what seems like) miles with the dogs, so being prepared for all eventualities is a must! 

So I decided I would make my lovely husband a hat and fingerless mitts for the walks.
I was a little afraid that he would not think crochet was 'masculine' enough, but when I found a pattern using the 'manly granite stitch' he was hooked! As for colour,he had already commented on his fascination when I was making a shawl recently, with yarn which changes colour as you go, almost disbelieving! So this King Cole Riot chunky was perfect:

The stitch looks almost like a knit!
It crocheted up really quickly and soon hat and mitts were done.

Off to the beach in them he went and has been wearing them ever since! I was quite pleased with myself as I haven't crocheted anything for a male since 1974. There is somewhere a (very faded and vintage by now) photo of said scarf with 'Stoke City' stuck on in felt, being worn by the recipient of this labour of teenage love, but best leave that story for another time! 

My sweet younger daughter had also been getting frozen on the dog walks so I sought out a more challenging than usual pattern for a slouchy beanie and mitts which used gorgeous Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal tweed aran  using 'Midnight' as she loves blue. The pattern was perfect for getting a tweedy look and the hat and mitts are so warm for her. The mitts are very long-arm warmers really which she says are ideal but with fingers free for getting out dog treats!

Ah the joy of doing handmade for the family! I'm glad it's cold for a little longer so I can enjoy seeing them wear them!  Have you made anything for family members lately?

Well hope you have a lovely Valentine's day, full of love, laughter and family joys,

I'm off to catch up on some of your lovely blogs-see you soon!

Best wishes
Alison xx