Monday, 17 November 2014

Season of mists and Christmas craftiness...

The wedding is beginning to seem a while ago now but fond recollections of a marvellous day continue. Thank you all so very much for the wonderful comments left -it was truly heart warming to feel that the day was shared with new friends far and wide!  

 Autumn walks

...and so to Autumn  and apologies Keats for changing your memorable line in my title today!

                                   'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
                                   Close bosomed friend of the maturing sun...'
                                                                                                'Ode to Autumn'  John Keats

   We certainly have Autumn mists here in Cornwall, but the damp and huge amount of rain can be offset by some bright sunny November days when the light is so clear. On such days it's such a pleasure to walk with the dogs and enjoy the beauty of Autumn. Often I pass through our main town of Truro - actually a city, known for its cathedral and a favourite walk is along the Truro river. There is a lovely spot to sit awhile with a coffee looking across to the cathedral.

As the river is tidal, there are many wading birds, ducks, gulls and swans to be seen.  I love to see the bright little boats moored up alongside, resting and waiting. almost like the dogs, to be taken out!

Autumn is only just beginning to show its true colours, with trees losing their leaves a little later than in counties further north.

It's lovely to stop and enjoy the views but Bonnie and Oscar are always ready to get going again!

Season of Christmas craftiness...

October, November and December-the 'golden quarter' of crafting! There is just so much scope for the handmade at this time -who doesn't love a uniquely crafted gift for Christmas? I also find this a frustrating time because I have so many ideas of all the items I am going to make but find that time is  seems to fly and we're charging headlong into December before I'm even started!
It took me a while to pack away all the wedding materials and get my mind onto something new. First I treated myself to these sparkly metallic crochet cottons. Aren't they gorgeous? Can't wait to use them!

Then I fancied doing something with felt so collected lots of Christmassy bits and pieces together and die-cut some festive shapes.

The wedding 'favours' were tiny jars containing 'Bonbons de Paris'. Some guests left the jars behind after consuming the contents! They are the perfect size for storing buttons and trims. It was quite therapeutic sorting out my reds and greens!

I sewed the shapes together simply on the machine.

I love this cute snowman shape:

In fact I liked him so much I went and made a card of him as well! Possibly an idea for my daughter's  primary class as I know she will be after me for Christmas project ideas soon! 

Do you like his tartan scarf? I could play with paper cutting and sticking for hours! Hopefully I may have some finished 'felties' to show you soon, and some Christmas crochet!

Hope you are having a good week,

Best wishes

Alison xx