Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Groovy summer

This continuing heat and long summer days always takes me back to the summers of the '70s. Making such admittances publicly is unusual for me as inevitably, if you have such years stored fairly clearly in your memory then you have to be a certain age!  (of course I was very young then..) 1976 was memorable for its long drought-everyone had a scorched lawn as the heat just went on. Retreating to a local outdoor pool was the greatest pleasure-floating about on the water and coming out for an occasional ice cream was a delight, whilst listening to Mungo Jerry on the transistor radio..  Memories are formed by such experiences and thus mine, whenever a hot summer appears are stirred with thoughts with all things retro and psychedelic, surfing and camper vans- and of course we get lots of those down here!

Anyway this weather led me to thoughts of some lovely bright retro patchwork planned for some time. I had a collection of some gorgeous designs from Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman etc  which I had mixed as a hexagon collection for my little shop Farmhouse Traditions .

They have sold  so well and I am almost down to the last of these now. I had become so fond of the designs myself I started putting them together into a few 'Grandmother's flowers'.

These designs are so funky-I love the Michael Miller one with the little woodland creatures on a black background- 

I can spend ages just trying out combinations of colours and love popping a special one on the middle!

This bright psychedelic design with the hearts is fab!

I am thinking of combining Michael Miller's 'Ta-dot' pink with red spots to separate the 'flowers'. What do you think?
 Room for a few more 'Peace' and 'Love' to give the feel of Woodstock '68 (no I wasn't there though I wish I had been!)
...and maybe a few more camper vans and retro ice creams!

My hexagon projects usually end up as cushions...maybe I'll make a bag this time-you would definitely see me coming!
Such thoughts about those heady days of the 60s and 70s make me want to dig out those flares, pop a few flowers in my hair and locate the Peter Frampton LPs still hiding somewhere in the loft. Oh well, maybe I'll just peruse my Retro Summer Pinterest Board instead - groovy baby!