Monday, 28 July 2014

Gathering roses

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the cards and gifts I made for friends and colleagues. I truly enjoy reading your messages and love catching up with the wonderful blogs that I'm following. Starting to write a blog a few weeks ago has got me thinking about meeting new people and how the 'blogosphere' has opened up so many rich opportunities for meeting like-minded friends.

One of my favourite sayings is 'Every encounter is an opportunity'. Opportunities for friendship can arise whenever our paths cross with someone new- we meet many people but only some will become as 'kindred spirits'. This is usually when we meet someone who shares the same interests and values as ourselves.   Did you like Anne of Green Gables? How I loved that book, the sequels and the TV series-it's high time I read it again! Anne must have coined the phrase 'kindred spirit' in referring to true friendships. Since starting my blog I am finding, just like Anne, that kindred spirits are not so scarce after all!

Some weeks ago my path crossed by chance with a wonderful new 'kindred spirit'  - Dorothy of  Dorothy's Room-who many of you already know. It was one of those encounters when you just know that you are going to get along so well with a person. Dorothy had contacted me when she very kindly bought some of my vintage patchwork, asking if she could feature this on her blog. I was absolutely delighted and very flattered -of course she could! I had thought about blogging myself for so long and like many other ideas, it was just on the back burner. Dorothy was so encouraging she really inspired me to start! I already knew that Dorothy, like myself was a sewing enthusiast interested in all things vintage, then I also discovered that she is a lecturer as well, like me! (She does work a lot harder than me though as I only work a few hours a week now) Dorothy makes the loveliest bags as gifts for friends and I was absolutely delighted this week when I received one that she had created just for me. Isn't it gorgeous?

Dorothy's appliqué is amazing-I just love the cute cottage and the washing line reminds me of my Mum's back in the 60s! The fabric on the cottage looks just like brick too-what thoughtful choices. 

On the other side is such a cute flowerpot in lovely retro shades with fun buttons and all set off on one of my very favourite Cath Kidston Rosali pink and red spot. Such a wonderful gift which really made my day! -The problem is it's just too lovely to use! 

Dorothy has introduced me to some wonderful like-minded people and exploring the community has brought me into contact with many more of you who enjoy the same interests. I am now looking forward every day to updates about the crafting going on and have found so much inspiration! 

'Good friends are to be gathered like roses'

You lovely new friends share so many of my interests-  exquisite embroidery which reminds me of my mother's -every stitch worked with care and thought,  gorgeous crochet projects which have made me take up the hook again, arty projects which make me want to experiment in mixed media and many, many other wonderful ideas. I need never buy a craft magazine again (but I will as I can't resist them ) and flowing through all the wonder of the handmade projects is that theme of friendship... as you share snippets about daily life and travels to beautiful places near and far.  

The gorgeous yellow roses above were given to my daughter Laura by one of the children in her class at the end of term. I had yellow roses at my wedding-she knows I adore them so she kindly allowed me to display them. I've put them here with some of my mother's embroidered linens and cups from the collection she gave me. The cup and saucer is Royal Albert  'Autumn roses' -I love this because it is also a plate for your cake and biscuits! The little cup from Luxemburg was given to me in the 60s as a little girl from my cousin. All my cousins were quite a bit older than me and working. One of them had begun to travel abroad for work-I think it was quite something to start doing that back then! I can vaguely remember not being totally excited about a little cup and my mother saying 'It's something you can keep all your life'. So there it still is, among many other cherished treasures.  

'...but friendship is the breathing rose
 with sweets in every fold'

Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Although I adore yellow roses I think pink have to be my favourite. What about you? 
They are just so bright and beautiful but as you look at the shades each one seems totally unique and different ...just like my 'kindred spirits'!

Well we're off to Torquay for a few days this week starting with a visit to Agatha Christie's 'Greenway'. We have tried to visit several times before, but have never quite managed to get there yet. One time the boats were not running due to stormy weather, another time we went on the wrong day, then at the third attempt got there found you can only park when you have 'booked' a car parking space in advance - it meant a 2 mile walk from the village in the rain.  It all makes the place seem very mysterious (no pun intended!) so let's hope we're successful this time or I'll begin to think we're in one of Agatha's stories! 

...and just to finish-how true Agatha! I knew there was a reason I adore keepsakes so much. It must have been all about that tiny cup from Wiltz that my mother told me to treasure!

Hope you're having a lovely week
Best wishes
Alison xx