Thursday, 29 May 2014

Remaking Gatsby

Today I was delighted to get a little influx of orders through my little shop Farmhouse Traditions.  Laura Ashley vintage fabrics have been going well and I'm disappointed to come almost to the end of what I have of the fabulous 'Palmetto':
A classic fabric from 1983 featuring a decorative design in sage/raspberry, this gorgeous design  is reminiscent of the Art Deco styles of the 20s/30s. Perhaps the popularity of it owes something to the fabulous remake of The Great Gatsby! Some of us remember falling in love with everything Gatsbyesque first time round with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow-anyone remember it? 

I've also had a few orders for my patchwork hexagon collections, especially the one featuring William Morris and Liberty designs. I create my hexagon collections from fabrics in my own collection so that they can be made up into something new and enjoyed in the 21st century! This one is a mix which has a little Sanderson in as well.  Most of these designs are reclaimed from other projects with some dating to the 1970s. I love the Liberty 'Cottage Garden' and Sanderson's 'Willow Bough'.
Most of my customers add the hexagons to their cushion and quilt projects-I wonder what other projects they could be used for-any ideas? 
It was through my hexagon collections that I recently met the lovely Dorothy of 'Dorothy's Room' . Dorothy  purchased some of my Laura Ashley 'Spring Mix' collection:
Dorothy very kindly asked to mention these on her wonderful blog. It is all down to her that I have finally started my own blog after many months and years of intending to, but never getting down to it! 
Dorothy is so talented and makes the most amazingly detailed fabric projects. Her personalised bags are absolutely beautiful-do take a look at them! 

I can't thank Dorothy enough for being the catalyst that finally enabled me to take the leap into Blogland-I think my problem now rather than never writing one, will be becoming addicted to it!