Monday, 1 May 2017

Seaside bead bracelet.

Here's a tutorial for a simple bracelet designed for 8-11 year olds to follow and create their in their school Beading Club.

Seaside Bead Bracelet.

Use flat suede cord to make a bead bracelet, using simple knots- a relaxed surfer style that is perfect for the beach!
You can use wooden beads, pony beads or any type of bead as long as the bead holes are large enough for the cord to be threaded through.
The bracelet uses a 'donut' bead on one end which acts as a fastener.
Donut beads are sometimes known as 'Angel halos'.

  • One end bead-a donut, or other large, flattish bead.
  •  60cm fat suede cord
  • 7 coloured beads
To make:
  1. Cut the required amount of cord. The cord length will be longer than your wrist as knots are made to separate beads.
  2. Plan your design. use your favourite colours, colours that complement each other, or colours that contrast.Think about the colours you can see and find at the seaside! Experiment with different combinations until you find a design you like. This one uses ocean blues, turquoise and sea lavender.
  3. Take one end of cord and tie a knot to make a loop.
Thread on your first bead. Now tie a knot. You can also push the end from where the loop was made into this bead.

5. Thread each bead on in the same way, making a knot after each. Make knots loosely so   that you can adjust them slightly to make the spacing even.

 Before adding the final, donut bead, Try your bracelet around your wrist for size. If it is too big you can try pushing the knots tighter, or leaving out one of your beads. If too small, add another bead.
6..Finally, add your donut bead. Make a final knot, then another knot over the top of the first. Trim any left over cord.

 Now your bracelet is ready to wear. 
Perfect for when you are out in the sunshine!

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